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Fast and furious tours on some very exciting roads, in south east Queensland, Australia, that may not be around for too much longer. Find out why the V12 was built. Also overnight stays in some very interesting accommodation, together with lunches, taking in some breath-taking views. Great value with exciting watching, time and time again.

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You will need to firstly view the Introduction video to appreciated the car you will be virtually driving. In the Obi Obi video you will be driving up one single lane road and down another on the side of the Blackall Range. You will stay overnight right on Noosa beach and have some fun at a surf carnival. In the Mt Nebo tour you will zoom along the top of the D’Aguilar range, with an overnight stay in a turn-of-the-century railway carriage. This is a rare car – a ‘super’ car – a V12, specifically designed for fast and furious tours through the mountains.

THE CAR YOU WILL BE VIRTUALLY DRIVING – a Jaguar XJ-S 1989 HE V12 5.3 litre convertible. The coupe version blitzed Bathurst with a !st, 2nd and 6th. On the other hand, this particular car was built for the Japanese market, and the story goes that its owner only drove it to and from the home of his geisha girl.

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INTRODUCTION An introduction to the specifications of this car and some interesting history of the Jaguar company – why did Englishmen develop the sports car? View time 15 minutes Price A$ 4.99 Buy Now

Mt TAMBORINE  AND PALAZZIO VERSACE RESORT UP the mountainside road from Canungra that changes from two way to one way. Jetboating on the Surfers Paradise Broadwater and overnight at the  Resort. View time 15 minutes Price A$ 4.99Buy Now

THE TWEED VOLCANO AND BUSHRANGERS HIDEAWAY Up the outside of the caldera, stopping at Natural Bridge in the remnants of a Gondwanaland rainforest. Watch street car racing in Murrwillumbah and back up the inside. View time 15 minutes. Price A$ 4.99Buy Now 

OBI OBI ROAD AND NETANYA RESORT Stay at the Noosa absolute beach front apartments. Enjoy a surf carnival and a Pacific Lunch. Cruise Hastings Street at sunset. Then drive up the side of the Blackall Range on your own dedicated road and back down again on another dedicated dirt one. Visit the distillery in Montville. View time 15 minutes. Price A$ 5.99Buy Now

NEW THE QUEST  A hilarious walkabout through central Queensland in outback Australia like you have never seen before, to eat ram sack mutton. Experience Waltzing Matilda being born, chicken races and find the elusive Condamine River. See how the squatters live in reality. View time 15 minutes.  Price A$ 6.99


COMING SOON Drive the ‘honey’ mountain and WW2 Battle of Britain Spitfire with a Yuletide feast at Villa Musidora.

Stay tuned for more exciting trips.

By buying these videos you are helping to promote south east Queensland as a tourist destination and enterpises featured in them.

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Go for a drive in one of the world’s most iconic cars. Jaguar declined an offer for James Bond to use one. Tom Walkinshaw blitzed Bathurst with a 1st, 2nd and 6th in the coupe ver

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